Beginner: Steps to Success

Returning home from San Francisco, I was catching up on reader's emails, and I took a long look at many of your requests. I thought I would begin a series, Beginner Music Steps. That way, if you're an advanced player, just delete the post.

However, I have listened to so many discouraging and frustrated notes from beginners at the piano really wanting to learn the piano that I just knew I had to start at the beginning with lessons and instructions.

Steps to Success

Sometimes you may be asking yourself:

1. Did I play the right NOTES?

2. Did I remember to COUNT the RHYTHMS?

3. Did my song have a STEADY HEARTBEAT?
There's so much going on as you play the piano with rounded hands, counting aloud, and asking, "Was it steady without pauses?
Keeping your eyes on the music while listening, were there different dynamics? First, you've learned the notes in the Treble and Bass clef. It's so important to learn note names, (quarter, half, whole, etc.) and letter notes in C Position, (C, D, E, F, G). And yes, there's A and B notes, as well.

 Melodic Intervals
Another important step in learning music is to see and hear music intervals, that is the distance between tones measured in intervals. Notes played separately make a melody.

Melodic 2nds move from line to line to the next space or move from a space to the next line.  (C to D)

Melodic 3rds move from a line to the next line or from a space
to the next space. (C to E)

Melodic 4ths move from a line to a line, skipping a line. They may also move from a space to a line, skipping a space. (C to F)

Melodic 5ths move from a line to  aline, skipping a line. They may also move from a space to a space, skipping a space. (C to G)

Before we move on to another lesson with some beginner songs next week, along with the basic chord progressions of simple key signatures, be sure you know your music notes on the staff and you are practicing hearing the sounds of intervals in the melody line.

We'll be connecting both hands to a simple song next time. Be sure and leave me a comment below if you want. And take a look at the music resource (audio cd) with Jermaine Griggs teachings on piano chords. Chords 101 and 102


"The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you." B.B.King
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