Musician Breakthrough: April 20th Launch

Dear Musicians,

You've heard me talk a lot about the new robot software that has been selling like hotcakes. And I thank you for those who have purchased it and now you are learning to play songs by getting free midis online. If you missed it, here it is again. Song Robot Software

Well, today the folks at Hear and Play are launching a new resource Musician Breakthrough Launch

7 Musicians. 14 Discs. 16+ Hours.

Musician Breakthrough is releasing Wednesday, April 20 @ 6pm pacific / 9pm eastern. Mark your calendars now because Jermaine Griggs will only have 1000 copies available, period.
But for now, go to the website and check out the new video trailer and round 3 interview clips from these 7 world-class musicians. Hear and Play Breakthrough

I’d also check out round 1 and 2, which feature over 70 minutes of playing and teaching video clips. There’s tons to learn just in that footage.

And don’t forget, by voting and commenting on round 3, you’ll be in the running to win an Apple iPad worth $499.00 (or one of three EVERYTHING PACKAGES we’re giving away, which is every course we have to offer).
So rush over to the page and get involved. Listen to the new round 3 interviews, watch the teaching clips, vote on your favorites, and scroll down to the bottom and comment. And if you’re blessed by the content, press any of the blue “SHARE” buttons on the page to pass this along to your facebook friends.

The 14-disc Musician Breakthrough program
is releasing to the public --- Wednesday, April 20
@ 6pm pacific / 9pm eastern.

You'll enjoy 70 minutes of video training, audio
interview clips, and tons more on this page.

Musician Breakthrough Launch

Who did you vote for? I'm voting for Jason Freeman but it is such a difficult decision because they're all so very good and mighty fine musicians. Best wishes to the winner!

"The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you." B.B.King
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