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Cover of "The Blueprint: A Plan for Livin...Cover via AmazonDear Readers,

Thank you for your comments, song requests and support. You're the greatest! I'm doing something different here today,
so stay with me. First time ever, I'm posting a book review about a fabulous person and awesome musician. As you know, I've posted many chord charts from Kirk Franklin's songs. You can find them on this site by using the search box. So very 
thankful for each of you on this Good Friday... read on!  

I finished reading The Blueprint: A Plan for Living Above Life's Storms by Seven-Time Grammy Award Winner, Kirk Franklin. I LOVE this book!!! I have always admired Kirk Franklin as a musician and now I appreciate him even more in revealing so many truths through his own life's struggles, pain, gain and victory. 

Boy, he sure tells it like it is so you better get ready if you're in need of a spiritual boost (jump start) because The Blueprint is a real page turner! It will effect you greatly, you know, like change your perspective (divinely focused lens). I'm talking about a solid foundation you can build upon. Not a shaky one that no amount of money and fame can make solid. 

Reading through the pages of Kirk's book, you'll receive such affirmation and encouragement leaping off the pages if you're feeling all alone and no one cares. Kirk Franklin is so nurturing with his loving insights into our Heavenly Father's heart. (He knows the word.)

So, how do you want to live your life? Further into the book, Kirk
shares (like a map) some basic tools for you to choose. Basically, The Blueprint is all about establishing the steps you need to take to get where you want to go. 
The Blueprint: A Plan for Living Above Life's Storms

Within the 13 Chapters Kirk discusses issues from sex to the soul; dealing with the overgrown weeds in our hearts, and talking about our commitments from faith to family.
As a musician, one of my favorite parts of the book is where Kirk talks about Michael Jackson's video Billie Jean. (Curious? It's in the book!) And to feel what Kirk sees abroad on tour with so many folks wanting truth (Jesus) instead of rules and empty talk.

In my opinion, Kirk's honest heart-felt testimony of his own personal issues is powerful (sets him free) and revolves full circle with breaking harmful cycles (repositioning) and helping others get back in the race. (His passion for America).
  5* book!

"Can you imagine that? Pursue your dreams, but don't lose yourself during the chase. Imagine you!" -- Kirk Franklin

I can't even imagine how Mary felt (Good Friday), seeing her son crucified but never has greater love been shown to us. (John 3:16).

About The Book:

Seven-time Grammy award winning Gospel artist Kirk Franklin reveals his most intimate life struggles and offers his blueprint for propelling toward a fulfilling spiritual life in the face of adversity.
THE BLUEPRINT:  A Plan for Living Above Life’s Storms (Gotham, on sale 4/5, $16) is a part-memoir, part-instructional guide that chronicles Franklin ’s own adversities with drugs, teenage parenthood and poverty which, with the guidance of God, resulted in the life lessons that ultimately brought him success.  Franklin offers his guide, his blueprint, to help individuals achieve success in their own lives.  THE BLUEPRINT is the essential guide to creating a better you, one day at a time. 

For more information, Kirk Franklin maps out The Blueprint with Essence.

Chris Zdunek with Gotham Books/Avery Marketing for contacting me for a review. (Thank you!) 

I love Kirk Franklin. You do, too? Give a shout out!

"The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you." B.B.King
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