Beach Buggy Blues Lesson

Beach Buggy Boogie has been a very popular song performed by piano players of 
all ages. This upbeat piano song was written by Martha Mier. Set the metronome at 144.
If you sight read music well and you would like to invest in her book that includes 8 original
pieces for early intermediate to intermediate pianist, visit:

I originally uploaded the song on YouTube and received an avalanche of emails asking 
if I would send sheet music to all parts of the country and abroad. The answer to that 
question (over and over) is that I do not send free sheet music for you to learn for your 
upcoming music events... sorry.

What I like to do is share the chord progression to a song. If you know your chords and can 
connect chord progressions in all keys, then you'll have lots of songs under your belt
that you love to play. So, here's my original video on YouTube.

Here are some tips, plus the right hand runs with the single notes for you.

L.H. Chords:




GD, GD then FC, FC and back to CG, CA, CG, CA

GD, GbDb, FC, EbBb, CG, CA, CG

Last 3 measures for the l.h.

FC, FD, FC then CG, CA, CG, GD and CEG to C.

Right Hand Runs:

Bb, A, G, E, D#, E, G, A

Eb, D, C, A, G#, A, C, D

Bb, A, G, E, D#, E, G, E, C

C, A, G, E, D#, E, G, E, C

It's easy to play this popular song since it's written in the Key of C and it fits the 12 bar blues structure
pretty well. More to see:
Easy piano music at Sheet Music Plus. Old classics and the latest pop hits.

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"The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you." B.B.King
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