Kirk Franklin: When I Get There

Kirk FranklinCover of Kirk Franklin I recently wrote an article Triplets Vs Eighth Notes

 I immediately thought of one particular song that uses lots of eighth notes, well and for sure sixteenth notes. Are you familiar with "When I Get There" by Kirk Franklin? It's a great upbeat song.

"Now, this song is about heaven." -- Kirk Franklin

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When I Get There Lyrics and Chords

Verse 1:

the sun will shine
my heart shall sing
one thought of you Jesus
what joy it brings
my soul can't wait
to see your face
and I'll bless your name jesus
when we get there

Fmaj9 = F/ACEG

E/Am7 = E/EGC

Dm11 = D/DFA

Verse 2:

Fmaj9  A/G      Dm7
you'll wipe my tears
you'll say well done

Fmaj9  Em7     Dm7
you'll hold me close
and tell me I've overcome

Fmaj9    A/G   Dm7
and you will exchange

G7   G#dim7  Em7
joy for my pain

Dm7  E/C   F/Dm
and i'll bless your name jesus
when we get there


Fmaj9  Em7  Dm11
come on lets go
we'll cry no more
we're gonna be just like jesus

Cmaj7  Dm7 
when we get there

Em7  Em7  Dm11
come on lets go
*Hold on

G#dim7  Am7  Gm7
it won't be long

Em7  Dm11
we're gonna be just like Jesus

Gm7       C7
when we get there

Verse 1 repeat

verse 2 repeat

chorus repeat

no more feeling alone
when all my fear is all gone
you tell me it won't be long
when you call my name
we shall be changed come on!

Repeat chorus until song ends

Here's a few ways to play these chords:

G#dim7 = G#/FB

Em7 = E/GD
Dm11 = D/ACEG
Em7 = E/BDEG
Gm7 = G/FBbDF

Thanks again for your kind comments.
All the best,

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