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I want to thank all my readers who have stopped by this past week letting me know that they are beginners to the piano. Some have mentioned taking piano lessons for ten years or so. Many folks write about feeling frustrated with playing the piano with both hands. Please be patient with yourself. Then I receive letters from those who are hungry for reharmonization, phat chords and improvising techniques. I'm hoping to post more on these topics.

I thought I would keep Saturday/Sunday lessons for those requests I receive from church musicians, gospel fans and praise and worship team keyboard players. Keep in mind that many of you will be watching football games and probably check out this post during the week! lol

If you're familiar with the song Always by Kirk Franklin, then you probably can tell by ear that the song is in the Key of C and then it modulates to Db, then to the Key of D and then modulates again to the Key of Eb. Here's a breakdown of the chords:

Kirk Franklin

Kirk Franklin
by Apostolic

These are the notes to the chords for the beginners in the group. God Bless
C2 - C/ C D E G
F2 - F/ G C F
D7 - D/ F# A# C F
G13 - G B/ F A E
G7 - G/ G B D F
Am7 - A/ G C E
E7 - E/ G# B D (add G)
Gm7 - G/ G Bb D F
Fmaj9 - F / A C E G
Em7 - E/ G B D
Dm7 - D/ A C D F
Fm6 - F/ C D Ab
Bbmaj7 - Bb/ A D F

Verse 1 and 2 are the same as far as chords are concerned. Here are the chords. (PLAY THE NOTES IN THE

C - G - D - E - D - G / C2
F - C - G -A - G / F2
C - G - D - E - D - G / C2
F - C - G -A - G / F2

Verse 1
You know, I've had some-C - G - D - E - D - G / C2
Lonely Days - F - C - G -A - G / F2
I've made mistakes and - C - G - D - E - D - G / C2
had to pay - F - C - G -A - G / F2
I've had some friends that - C - G - D - E - D - G / C2
Walked away - F - C - G -A - G / F2
Just like mama told - E / C2
me - D/ D7 G / F G / G13

But there's someone who's - C - G - D - E - D - G / C2
Love is real - F - C - G -A - G / F2
Who cares about the - C - G - D - E - D - G / C2
Way I feel - F - C - G -A - G / F2
Every pain and - C - G - D - E - D - G / C2
Erase every stain. There's - F - C - G -A - G / F2
Peace when I call out your name - Bb/ Bb
G/ F
G/ G7

Jesus, you're my - C - G - D - E - D - G / C2
everything - F - C - G -A - G / F2
The cross, you did that - C - G - D - E - D - G / C2
just for - F/ F2
me. So - E/ E 7 A/ Am7
what ever you - G/ Gm7
take me through. I - F/ Fmaj9
promise - E/ Em7
you I'll - A/ Am7
spend my always with you. - Dm7 G/ F

While he is talking.
C - G - D - E - D - G / C2
F - C - G -A - G / F2
C - G - D - E - D - G / C2
F - C - G -A - G / F2
*repeat for verse 2 & chorus

After the chorus the second time you will play these chords to lead you into the modulation.
A/ Am7
G# / E7 G# / E
G/ C
F#/ D
F/ Fm6
E/ C2
Bb/ Bbmaj7
G/ F
(transition chord)
Ab/ Gb
modulate to Db chorus (use the same chords in the chorus just go up a half step)

(transition chord) - from Db to D
Spend my always - A/ Em7
with you - A/ A

Je - D/ D
sus E/ Em
you're my - F#/ D
every - G/ D
thing - G/ G
The cross - D/ D
you - D/ Em
did that - D/ D
just - G/ D
for me - F/ F#7
So - B/ Bm7
what ever you - A/ Am7
take me through. I - G/ Gmaj9
promise you I'll - F/ F#m7 B/ Bm7
spend my always with you. - E/ Em7

Spend my always with you - Bb/ Ab

Je - Eb/ Eb
sus F/ Fm
my whole - G/ Eb
life - Ab/ Eb
changed - Ab/ Ab
since - Eb/ Eb
that - Eb/ Fm
day I - Eb/ Eb
cried your - Ab/ Eb
name - G/ G7
For - C/ Cm7
every time you - Bb/ Bbm7
brought me through. I - Ab/ Abmaj9
promise you I'll - G/ Gm7 C/ Cm7
spend my always with you. -F/ Fm7 Bb/ Ab

Eb - Bb - F - G - F/ Eb2
Ab - Eb - Bb/ Ab2
Eb - Bb - F - G - F/ Eb2
spend - Ab/ Fm
my - Ab/ Eb
Al - Ab/ Fm
ways with you - Ab/ Eb
Eb - Bb - F - G - F/ Eb2
Ab - Eb - Bb/ Ab2
Eb - Bb - F - G - F/ Eb2
Ab/ Ab2(#4) Ab/ Ab2

If you have the time, stop by Earnest and Roline Ministries site: 

Also, you might want to order this music resource:
GospelKeys Ministry Musician

Always (Cover) credit: crazaywarrior92

Play Always in 4/4 time as a Moderate Ballad.
I love the ending arpeggio notes.
Eb/ Bb,Eb,F,G,F,Bb

Here are the Spanish lyrics and the chords to Always.

Intro.: C9 F C9 F C9 F C9 F/G 

C9                      F               C9                        F 
Dias solitários eu passei,     cometi erros e paguei 
C9                         F                   Em    Am     F#° 
Com amigos me decepcionei, me alertavam assim! 
C9                             F               C9                                   F                        C9 
Mas há alguém que ama a mim ,      se importa com o meu sentir, 
       Em        F                        Bb9           F/A        G9 
E a dor ele vem destruir, se clamo seu nome há paz. 
C9                      F 
    Jesus meu tesouro és 
C9                     F         G#°   Am  
tudo sofreu ali por mim 
            Am/G                   F                     Em Am 
Quais forem as minhas provações ? prometo sim! 
            F               G/B     C9 F C9 F/G 
Que sempre estarei em ti!         
C9                        F           C9                           F                   C9 
Ninguém me toca como tu,     se importa com o meu sentir, 
        Em                 F                       Em      Am       F#°       C9  
Pois finalmente achei alguém , que tem amor por mim , 
                                    F            C9                         F                C9 
Quando sem força eu me sentir,       tua vida fortalece a mim 
        Em                 F               Bb9            F/A 
Tua mão toca meu coração, levou minha dor  
             G            F/G             C9 
Meu pecado tambémmmmmmmm!! 
Jesus meu tesouro és.... 

  C9                    F              C9 
Jesus mudou meu viver, 
                         F      G#°   Am 
Desde que eu o aceiteeeeeeei 
            Am/G                  F                     Em      Am 
Quais forem as minhas provações;- prometo sim! 
           F/G           G/B      Am 
Que sempre estarei em ti! 
Am - E/G# Em/G F#° F Em Am Bb9 F/G F#/G# C#9 

                      F#          C#9 
Jesus meu tesouro és 
                         F#   A°  Bbm 
Tudo sofreste ali por mim 
            Bbm/G#    C#9          F#7M             Fm     Bbm 
Quais forem as minhas provações;- prometo sim  
             F#/G#     G#/C   C#9 
Que sempre estarei em ti 
                       F#         C#9 
Jesus mudou meu viver...
( F#/G# G/A D ) 

D  Em  F#m  A  G7M 
Jesus meu tesouro és...
( G/A G#/A# D# ) 

D# Fm Gm Bb G#      D# 
Jesus mudou meu viver... 
D# G#7M 4x 

If the chords are not clear to read, visit the guitar site at:

 As always, so nice to hear from you,
-- LadyD

"The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you." B.B.King
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