Learn 20 Advanced Guitar Licks: Runs and Fillers for the Serious Pianist

I just wanted to let you know about 'Advanced Guitar 301' and a Music Dvd for the serious pianist! Yes, I have several friends that offer great teaching products and it seems everyone is having some type of sale this weekend!

Digital Version is finally available! It's a new guitar course available to musicians. My friends at Hear and Play always have great dvds available for playing piano by ear, drums and now a guitar course.

For The First Time Ever, Superstar Professional Guitarist, Jairus Mozee Takes You By The Hand And Drags You To "His World" Where He Personally Hand-Picks 20 Insanely Advanced Licks, Runs, Riffs, Patterns, and Fill-Ins You Can Outright STEAL And Apply To Your Own Playing Virtually Minutes After Watching!

Guitar 301

Learn 20 Super Advanced Guitar Licks, Tricks, And Riffs Across 4 Different Styles...
Funk, R&B, Gospel, Jazz

Advanced Guitar 301 Trailer / preview

The structure of "Advanced Guitar 301 - Licks, Tricks, and Solos" is pretty straightforward.
It covers 4 genres of music: Funk, Gospel, R&B, and Jazz.
In each of those genres, we start by teaching you the underlying chords that make up the patterns you're hearing. So if you're in the "funk" section, you'll start by learning the funk chords he's using as a bare minimal (even beginners can benefit from this part).
Then they proceed to break down 5 unique riffs, runs, licks, or tricks you can play over these same chords. In fact, the underlying chords and patterns hardly change. But you learn dozens of ways to approach improvising over them. They do this for funk, r&b (soul), gospel (shouting music), and jazz.
By the end, you'll have 20 professional, advanced soloing licks you can pull out the cupboard at any time.

You can order this new dvd music resource at:

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Dear Friend,

A number of you have emailed me, repeatedly
expressing your frustration with the same issue:

“How do I make each hand play independently?”

“I never learned to use my left hand properly.
It's really underdeveloped compared to my right
hand. Now, I need tips to improve the
coordination in both hands.”

“My biggest problem is left hand independency.”

“My left and right hands always seem to want to
do the same thing, at the same time.”

Can you see the pattern in these remarks? When I
studied piano years ago, my hands would not
listen to what my brain would tell them. Today,
this problem occurs once in awhile, only when I
tackle challenging pieces.

If this scenario sounds familiar, then I have an
important message for you.

My friend Yoke Wong, a longtime music educator
and accomplished musician and composer. She has
developed a one in a kind piano instructional
home study courses called “Hand Coordination,
Runs and Fillers.” This piano course is designed
to help piano players tackle the issue of left
hand independence and hand coordination.

After some gentle persuasion at my end, Yoke has
agreed to offer a some bonuses to any
customer who would like to order this course,
from now on till (designate your time).
Hand and Eye Coordination

Yoke will include the following bonuses for the
first 100 customers: 

•    An online metronome study guide with practice
exercises to improve technique.
•    Carl Czerny virtuoso’s original exercise
sheets. These are the same exercises that he used
to get his fingers into fluid shape, with fast
runs and daily warm ups.
Runs and Fillers

Take action now and get the bonus that will make
the real difference in your music, “Hand
Coordination, Runs and Fillers.” This is the time
to build your skill. Don’t forget to share your
successes with us once you start using these
study tools.


Charlie Parker once said "Learn the changes and then forget them."
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