The Diminished Seventh Chord: We Will Worship the Lamb of Glory

The DIMINISHED SEVENTH chord may be formed by lowering each note of the DOMINANT SEVENTH (V7) chord one half step, except the root, which remains the same.

IMPORTANT! The interval between each note of a diminished seventh chord is a minor 3rd (3 half steps)!

Now you'll want to spell each chord correctly! The Gdim7 chord should not be spelled G Bb Db E, even though the notes E and Fb are ENHARMONIC (that is, they represent the same key on the piano). The interval from G to E is a 6th. The interval from G to Fb is a 7th (in this case a diminished 7th).

In forming a Cdim7 chord, it is necessary to flat the note Bb. When a flatted note is flatted again, it becomes a DOUBLE FLAT, indicated by the sign bb. In this case, the note must be called Bbb, not A.

REMEMBER: When diminished 7th chords are properly spelled, one letter of the musical alphabet is skipped between each note.

Play a dim7 chord on each note of the chromatic scale below. Build each chord by adding 3 notes above the root, each 3 half steps apart. Play with RH using 1 2 3 5 fingering on each chord. Repeat one octave lower with LH, using 5 3 2 1.

Cdim7 = C Eb Gb Bbb

C#dim7 = C# E G Bb

Ddim7 = D F Ab Cb

D#dim7 = D# F# A C

Edim7 = E G Bb Db

Fdim7 = F Ab Cb Ebb

There's a worship song that I've done that has a dim7 chord in it in the Key of D. Do you know We Will Worship The Lamb of Glory by Dennis Jernigan?
D                                     A/D
We will worship the Lamb of Glory,
D                   A/D          Bbdim7
We will worship the King of kings,
Bm7                  Esus     E
We will worship the Lamb of Glory,
G        A7sus   A7   D  A  D  A
We will worship the King.
And with our hands lifted high,
         G         D
We will worship and sing.
And with our hands lifted high,
           G            D
We come before You rejoicing,
                       G           D/F#
With our hands lifted high to the sky,
         Bbdim7            Bm7
And the world wonders why 
            G               A7sus  A7   D
We'll just tell them we're loving our King.
We Will Worship in Key of E 

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