Song Endings

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Here are some endings that I am familiar with. What has been your experience with ending one of your favorite songs?

A.   Amen Ending

This is appropriate mostly for hymns.


B.   Simple Seventh Chord Endings

C/CEGBb       C/EGBbD     C/EABbD

C.   Seventh chord with Chromatic Walkdown

C, E, F, CEG/C   E, BFG/C   D, C,   DbDb/FAbB   CC/EGBb

                                                    DbDb/FabBEb     CC/EGBbD

                                                    DbDb/FbbCbEb    CC/EABbD

D.   Blues Scale Ending
Plain descending

C/ C, Bb, G, Gb, F, Eb, C then G/G to C/CEGBb

The chromatic seventh chord endings can be useful, too.

L.H. single notes C, E, F, F#, G

R.H. single notes, C, Bb, G, Gb, F, Eb, C  then G/G to C/CEGBb

E.   Chord Progression Endings
Play the last measure of a song C/CEG then add these four chords:


With a left hand walking bass:

C, B, Bb/CEG  A/AC#EG  D, E, F, F#/DF#AC   G, A, A#, B/GBDF  C/CEG

“Fancy Intro” Ending … Simple.


With a left hand walking bass.

C/CEG  F/FAC  F#/F#ACD#  C, B, Bb/CEG  A/AC#EG  D, E, F, F#/ACDF#   
G, A , A#, B/GBDF  C/CEG

F.   Special Endings

Count Basie Ending
R.H.  FC then F#C to GC

Lawrence Welk Ending

Triplets with same single notes in each hand.

C, C#, D, D#, E, F, F#, G, G#, A, A#, B, C, G, C.

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