Part Three: Last Phrase as Intros

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 When I'm looking for an introduction to play of a particular song, I always look at the last line of the song. Play the final phrase of your song, and then go to the V (dominant) chord or any of its variations. Try this with the endings to the following songs:

"You Are My Sunshine"

Please don't take my sunshine away (lyrics)

Melody Line (play single notes):

C, D, E/C, F, D/G7, D, E, C/C (then play G7 arpeggio here)

"Silent Night"

(lyrics) Sleep in heavenly peace

C, G, E, G, F, D, C (G7 arpeggio  here)

* Frankie and Johnnie
Melody line, play single notes,
E/C, E, E, D/G7, G, G, G,  A, G, E, C/C (G7 arpeggio here)

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Sometimes you can use material that already exists for an intro... the first line of the song.
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Final part on intros with lots of info coming in the next post... stay tuned. Perhaps will do a brief study on"endings" soon. In the meantime, choose one of your favorite songs to play and start it off with the last line of the song, add your V chord and you're on your way!

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