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My inbox has been flooded with tons of messages from Jermaine Griggs over at He has offered some great downloads for free that you will want to take advantage of. Jermaine is a great teacher who shows you how to play the piano by ear. It's taken me awhile to go through everything he has recently offered to the public. If you know me at all, I am very careful with what I endorse and recommend to others. Yes, it is true I am an affiliate member with hearandplay products, plus an affiliate member with Willie Myette and also Yoke Wong. So here's the list of Jermaine's new products and I believe ordering is taking place tomorrow.

* 44-pg Piano Guide

It's 44 pages and loaded with detailed, step-by-step
strategies that will TRANSFORM your playing.

If nothing else, view the "MUSICIAN TRANSFORMATION" formula
on the first page, which charts the exact recipe for
next-level growth and how to overcome some of the most
common pitfalls.

* 29-pg Piano Guide

is available for download! (at no cost)

* Full-size, high quality version of Musician
Transformation "Next Level" Troubleshooting Guide

* Candid audio talk about how got started and how the musician
transformation concept came to be:

* This program is 5 dvds, 7 cds...12 discs TOTAL and the most comprehensive
package of its kind. The packages will be released on Tuesday, Nov 26, 2009 at
exactly 6pm pacific (that's 9pm eastern) at this website:

The first dvd, "Fundamental Factory" specializes in
teaching you everything you need to know to get started.

If you recall in the 44-pg report, this section covered note
names, major and minor scales, the number system, major-minor
relationships, the law of 12, and more. And not only pure
'fundamental' stuff, but how they fall into the WHOLE system
(the most important part).

In other words, if you have no experience, F.F. will take care
of you!

(Remember, this package is 5 dvds in 1. "Fundamental Factory"
is only ONE of the dvds. Once you master it, you'll be
comfortable enough to move on to "Chord County," "Pattern
Paradise," "Song Station," and "Ear Elevator." But you'll start

* 2 New Videos

One video is 30 minutes and taken directly from the 3rd
dvd ("Pattern Paradise") in the Musician Transformation
collection. It's really good.

The second video is a 14-minute lesson taken directly from
the Gospel Music Training Center, which you'll also have
access to on Tuesday while you wait for your Musician
Transformation package to arrive in the mail.

* 90-minute teleseminar
explaining each element of the M.T. formula

* VIDEO LESSON: The MISSING PIECE OF THE PUZZLE to playing almost any song out there

Jermaine Griggs, Founder of shares even more great information on how to play virtually any song pattern you want by understanding how scales and chords connect together. THIS INFORMATION CONNECTS EVERYTHING TOGETHER FOR YOU.

Order The Musician Transformation Collection tomorrow!

All the best,
~ LadyD

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