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I love the smooth sounds of Alicia Keys' Unbreakable! Here is a wonderful breakdown of the song by pianokid100... enjoy!

Video Transcription Making the band for Alicia Keys - Unbreakable Alright, this is another free piano lesson video, this time I am going to be doing Unbreakable by Alicia Keys. It was requested. And it is pretty simple actually, it only has four chords. And I am going to start by first playing the way it should sound by the time you are done learning this video. [Demonstration] Let us start with the bass line. The bass line keys are going to go C#, F#, B, and A flat, and then just repeat C#, F#, B, A flat. The right hand chord, for the first chord for the C# key is going to be B, E flat, E, and A flat with your right hand. And you play the C# bass. And then we move to the second chord, we move the bass to the F#. You are just going to move your thumb down to B flat. So you are going to be playing a B flat, E flat, E, and A flat. So similar looking chord except you move down to the B flat from here to here. You move the bass from C# to F#. Then we play the B bass, you are going to be Am7 with your right hand if you do not know what that looks like. It is basically an A, C#, E, and A flat. And the last chord, you are going to be play an A flat, B, C. and on your right hand, you are going to be playing A, C, E, and F#. [Demonstration] And those are the chords now there is a little part when you go. [Demonstration] That is basically A flat, A, and B flat. You are going to play where you have an A flat up here, A, A, and you are going B flat. And the last two chords


(just bass notes)
G# A A# B

VERSE/CHORUS (the chords never change from here on out)

Amaj7/B Adim/G# C#7 F#7

And that's it.

For that C#7 chord (on the piano) I always use
the 3rd inversion which would be (from bottom note to top)


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