Progressions Used in Souled Out by Hezekiah Walker

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Next to Total Praise, there's another frequently requested song and that is "Souled Out" by Hezekiah Walker. I posted video tutorials awhile back from some great Gospel musicians and you can find more information at:

I wanted to take the time to share with you about another special musician of gospel music and a great teacher, Greg Hannon. You can reach him at You will receive weekly lessons from him so you will want to sign up... especially if you love gospel music, play for your church or just want to learn how to play popular songs. Greg also sells music resources and has an affiliate program if you're interested. You can visit his website at:

Here is a sample of what I'm talking about:

GiftedPlayer Weekly Lesson
Progressions Used In Souled Out - Part 1
Hezekiah Walker & LFC - Souled Out

Another great commonly used progression in gospel music:

Intro & Main Theme

1) 3 = F2/A

2) 4 = Bb

3) b7 = Eb

4) 6 = Bb/D

5) 1 = Bb/F

6) 1 = F

GiftedPlayer Weekly Lesson
Progressions Used In Souled Out - Part 2
Hezekiah Walker & LFC - Souled Out

Slow this progression down and use it for worship chords.


1) b7 = Ebmaj9

2) 6 = Bb2/D
3) 3 = F2/A

* Part 3


1) F

2) Eb/F

3) Bb/F

4 F

For keyboard tips, tricks and more, visit the Gifted Player!

Here's what Candace Walker says in her article about Hezekiah Walker:

After Hezekiah Walker put out the double disc CD “The Essential Hezekiah Walker” I thought…well this is the last Hezekiah Walker CD I will need. It has all the hits on it including my favorite “I Need You to Survive” but I was wrong…way wrong! Long considered one of the greatest when it comes to gospel choir music, Walker and the Love Fellowship Choir have put out another project that will become a staple for choirs for decades to come. Opening with the high tempo, horn infused and bass driven title track “Souled Out!” Walker and LFC give us that signature big choir track that we have all come to know and love from the group. Next they move to “Keep Moving On” where the finger snapping groove usher this track to an easy sing along state. Produced by the incomparable Donald Lawrence, Souled Out offers the trademark Lawrence qualities of good ensemble music that features heart capturing lyrics. Another song of notice is the Ricardo Sanchez “Moving Forward” which speaks of leaving the past behind and moving forward in Christ. Lastly the strong ballad “God Favored Me” ends with the power vocals of Marvin Sapp and the crystal tenor of DJ Rogers and drives home the point that in spite of our problems we have the Favor of God upon us. Listen to Hezekiah Walker’s cd at"

My favorite review by Gerard Bonner of can be found at:

"Since 1985, the gospel choir scene has had an indelible imprint on it with roots tracing back to Brooklyn, New York. During that time, a young man named Hezekiah Walker made serious moves with his Love Fellowship Crusade Choir to infuse fiery East Coast grooves into choir music... Once again, Walker and LFC deliver another gem of a project. Showing comfort in both the familiar and new areas, Walker and LFC remain leaders within this genre and cement that with this effort. Souled Out is destined to be another sell out at local stores. It's another definitive add to your musical collection."

Souled Out

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