Top Ten Easy Blues Piano Licks

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I have been following Jonathan Wison's blues licks from expertvillage. Here's a list of his teaching videos.

Expert: Jonathon Wilson
Bio: Jonathon Wilson has been a professional composer and pianist for over twenty years.
Filmmaker: Jonathon Wilson

#10 Blues Piano Licks

R.H. single notes with a turn:

Bb F F# F Eb C Eb

#9 Blues Piano Licks

Count Basie feel... putting the notes in the right place, shape your solo

C octaves, then Ab, A, C

#8 Blues Piano Lick

Half Step common pattern, grace note

F# F F# F F# F Eb C

#7 Blues Piano Lick

Tremelo between the 5 and flat 7 (between G and Bb) use relaxed wrist

F F# G Bb

#6 Blues Piano Lick

Straight tremelo in octaves from C to C

#5 Blues Piano Lick

Play Bb and C together, reach down to the lower octave C, then play A and C together, G and C, A and C, Bb and C, A and C, G and C

#4 Blues Piano Lick

Triplet pattern

G, Bb, F#, G, Bb, F#, G, Bb

#3 Blues Piano Lick

Descending Thirds, alternate thumb off beat on C


#2 Blues Piano Lick

Rhythm change behind beat

C, Eb, E and C, F and C, E and C

#1 Blues Piano Lick

practice thirds with wrist action

Eb, then E and C, F and A, E and G

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