Taylor Swift, Teardrops On My Guitar

Michael McGuire of the SF Country Music Examiner speaks highly of Taylor Swift Songbooks. "If you don’t play by ear, two songbooks featuring the music of Taylor Swift will help you get her songs down pat."


I really enjoy hearing uptothe7thstorey playing this beautiful song Teardrops On My Guitar by Taylor Swift! This song is very popular with my piano students, from beginners to intermediate level.

Teardrops On My Guitar Chords


Once you learn the chords to teardrops On My Guitar, then play along with this track:

Piano Tutorial Backing Track by BrendanGreaves111


Here's a good view of jbleongson playing taylor swift teardrops on my guitar on the keyboard with strings setting:


Teardrops on my Guitar- Taylor Swift- Piano Tutorial- Cmortenson


Single notes for the right hand- taylor swift, teardrops on my guitar

C Bb A Bb C C Bb A Bb C C Bb A Bb
F F Eb D C Bb
C Bb C Bb F Eb D Bb F Eb D Bb
F C Bb F C Bb F Eb D Bb F Eb D Bb
F F F F Bb Bb Bb Bb G Bb G Bb
C F F G F F F F F F G Bb Bb
Verse 2
C Bb C Bb F Eb D Bb F Eb D Bb
F C Bb F C Bb F Eb D Bb F Eb D Bb
F F F F Bb Bb Bb Bb G Bb G Bb
C F F G F F F F F F G Bb Bb

Free Sheet Music for Teardrops On My Guitar Taylor Swift


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