Mathematical Patterns In Music

Mark Van Doren said "The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery".

* Rhythm Patterns

Karen Sawyers and Janet Hutson-Brandhagen observe...

"Music is organized in mathematical ways: its melodies, rhythms, and harmonies are built on recurring mathematical patterns and sequences. To children, music is play in every sense of the word. In addition, early experiences with music that are successful and fun prepare children to be successful in other areas of learning, particularly math in their own way and in their own time."

The impact of music on the development of reasoning skills instrumental in math problem solving is great.

Music Patterns

Mathematical patterns In Music

Arpeggio Chord Pattern

Broken Chord Pattern

Double Chord Pattern

Root Chord Pattern

Rhythmic Patterns

Breakthrough Study Proves Music Instruction
Vastly Increases A Child's Intelligence...

University of California, Irvine:

Music lessons strengthen the links between brain neurons and actually build new pathways between the neurons improving spatial reasoning according to a study conduced by Psychologist Frances Rauscher at University of California, Irvine.

The study compared pre-schoolers who took as little as 15 minutes per week of music/keyboard instruction with contemporaries who received no extra-curricular musical education. After a short eight-month period Rausher's data concluded. The results are astonishing:

A 46% increase in IQ is prevalent in the study group that received music/keyboard instruction!

Rauscher is so convinced that musical instruction is vital to the cognitive development of children that she shared her findings at a gathering of her American Psychologist Association colleagues, "Music instruction can improve a child's spatial intelligence for long periods of time - perhaps permanently." She added, "If parents can't afford lessons, they should at least buy a musical keyboard, or sing regularly with their kids and involve them in musical activities."

This study and many others like it confirm that musical instruction - in particular Keyboard instruction simply makes our kids smarter.

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