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I have a student who has found his niche playing video game music. He easily reaches the octaves, plays the melody line filled with eight and sixteenth notes. His speed is lively and accurate. If you're not familiar with The Adventures of Zelda, you'll soon be drawn into the excitement and wonder that the music produces!
What's my favorite song of the Zelda Series? Well, I would have to say the
Zelda's Lullaby - Ocarina of Time - Piano
"NEW! A very talented fan of Zelda Capital has taken some of our sheet music and composed a medly of Zelda, Mario, and Mega Man music. There are three parts to it, all found on YouTube, the links are below:"
Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

* Highlight of KoopaKool's Piano Playing
Super Mario piano Zelda piano medley (part 2 of 3)

40 songs from The Legend Of Zelda and Super Mario Brothers. It's a piano medley of my favorite video game songs. mario bros and link are my heroes.
* Free Sheet Music Based on The Legend of Zelda Series

* Zelda's Lullaby - Ocarina of Time - Piano

This video is of me, Rachel, playing Zelda's Lullaby from Ocarina of Time on my digital piano. Enjoy!
The piano is a Kawai PN80 which is about 10 years old. I learned the song with a combination of sheet music and by ear. Thank you for everyone's comments!
Piano Recordings and Sheet Music

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