Tritones are very important, especially if you have a bass player in your band. Your can utilize your left hand with tritones and continue to play chords or scale runs with your right hand.

C bass goes with E + Bb
Db bass goes with F + B
D bass goes with Gb + C
Eb bass goes with G + Db
E bass goes with Ab + D
F bass goes with A + Eb
Gb bass goes with Bb + E
G bass goes with B + F
Ab bass goes with C + Gb
A bass goes with Db + G
Bb bass goes with D + Ab
B bass goes with Eb + A
C bass goes with E + Bb
Db bass goes with F + B

* Tritones are symmetric.

That means that E+Bb can also be played as Bb+E.

or Gb + C can be played as C + Gb.

* Since there are really only 6 unique tritones, each tritone shares TWO bass notes.

For example, E+Bb / or Bb + E is used both with a “C” or “Gb” bass.

or D + Ab / or Ab + D is used both with a “Bb” or “E” bass.

Practice these tritones with your left hand and add some chords with your right.

Also, check out my blog entry on tritone substitutions.

"So to sum up Tritones.. they are nothing but a framework that you add to.. Let me make this REALLY clear.. the Tritone by itself is not necessarily PHAT.. it's the extension and alterations that you add to them that make it PHAT!!",21463.0.html

Also, I might add here's a great discussion with Jermaine Griggs on Tritones
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