Quartal Chord Voicings

"In music, quartal harmony is the building of chordal and melodic structures with a distinct preference for intervals of fourths... Use of the term arises from a contrast, compositional or perceptual, with traditional tertian harmonic constructions."


Tertian harmony is achieved by stacking major and minor 3rds. Quartal harmony is made of stacking 4ths. You will find some great musicians sharing their tips here on Scot Ranney's site:


So, what are Quartal Chords?
C + F + Bb
F + Bb + Eb
Bb + Eb + Ab
Eb + Ab + Db
Ab + Db + Gb
Db + Gb + Cb
(or C# + F# + B)
Gb + Cb + Fb
(or F# + B + E)
B + E + A
E + A + D
A + D + G
D + G + C
G + C + F
If you're an advanced player, here are "Quartal Permutations over ii-V7-I Progressions, by "7":


Seriously, here's what I have found on the net that has helped me understand quartals
and how to teach them to my students. It's clear-cut explanation from Willie Myette, founder of Jazzpianolessons.com and Jermaine Griggs, founder of HearandPlay.com
* What are quartals?
* Quartal examples
Read Willie/s entire article on Rich Quartal Chord Voicings:


Jazz Piano Improv #1

Rootless Chord Voicing Lesson

Another great resource:
* What is a Quartal chord?
* Here’s how to use them


Play Quartals
My friend musallio has listed some great links:




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