Learn How To Play Let It Rain

* Learn How To play Let It Rain

Key of C LH/RH

G,A,C,D / G,A,C,D
C / G-C-E Open the flood gates
/ A of
G / D-G-B Heaven
E / B-E-G Let
G / E-G-B it
A / E-A-C rain
A / A-C-E Let
G / G-B-D it
F / G-A-C rain
F / F-A-C (slide G to F)

Music breakdown part:

C / G-C-E
B / G-B-D
A / E-A-C
G / D-G-B
F / C-F-A
E / B-E-G
D / A-D-F
C / G-C-E
G / A-B-D-G

* The live version of Let it Rain from Bishop Paul S. Morton


* Let it Rain (Ab) Chord Breakdown (jessroy2004)


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