Key Signatures and Their Games

Key signatures designate notes that are to be played one semitone lower or higher and consist of a series of sharp or flat symbols. Normally, they appear directly after the cleft sign.

The major key signatures are as follows:
G major with one sharp, D major with 2 sharps, A major with 3 sharps, E major with four sharps, B major with five sharps, F sharp major with six sharps, C sharp major with seven sharps, F major with one flat, B flat major with two flats, E flat major with three flats, A flat major with four flats, D flat major with 5 flats, G flat major with six flats, C flat major with seven flats.

The minor key signatures
are the key of a minor with no sharps or flats, the key of e minor with one sharp, the key of b minor with two sharps, the key of f sharp minor with three sharps, the key of c sharp minor with four sharps, the key of g sharp minor with five sharps, the key of d sharp minor with six sharps, the key of a sharp minor with seven sharps, the key of d minor with one flat, the key of g minor with two flats, the key of c minor with three flats, the key of f minor with four flats, the key of b flat minor with five flats, the key of e flat minor with six flats, the key of a minor flat with seven flats.

* Identify The Key Signatures

A game that will ask you the Major Key Signatures and what's the relative Minor?

* Key Trainer

A game on Ricci Adams' site

* Key Signatures Construction

Add sharps or flats to form the correct key signature

* Key Signatures Identification

Identify the key signature you see

* Theory Center- Key Signatures

Worksheets to help drill key signatures

* Identify the Key Signature

Multiple Choice Exercise

* Learn the Secrets to the Circle of Fifths

* Musical Key Signature Sugar Packets
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