The Blues and Its Heirs

"It has been said that the Blues is the easiest thing to learn and the hardest thing to master. It is easy because it consists of a simple form of chord progression and verses. It is hard to master because it requires a deep-felt connection between the soul and the instrument or voice in order to express the emotion. More than anything else, it is this feeling which is the essence of the Blues." K.Christian Mc Guire

* The Origins of the Blues
* The Emergence of the Blues
* Textual Elements of the Blues
* Musical Elements of the Blues
* Harmonic and Rhythmic Elements of the Blues

Any of the above topics interest you? Read more and study this wonderful document by
K.Christian Mc Guire:

My favorite all time video presentation of Piano Blues by Clint Eastwood:

Tommaso piano blues- this 'lil guy rocks!

A friend, bbbenito, can play some pretty cool jazz licks!

bbbenito has a cool blues style!

Another friend in the zone,KiddogX, hear him play The Nightime Blues:

Download this file (right click and "save target as")

More files like this @!

Here's some chords that were shared w/ me in the Key of F:

FE/AEA 4 beats

ED/GDG 2 beats

AC#/GC#G 2 beats

D/FGCE 2 beats

Db/FAbBEb 2 beats

C/BbDEbG 2 beats

B/ADbEbA 2 beats

BbG/ADG 2 beats

BbF/ACF 2 beats

BbEb/AbDbFBb 2 beats

BEb/GDbG 2 beats

AG/BCEG 4 beats

DF#/BbCEAb 4 beats

GDA/BbFAC 2 beats

ACB/GBD 2 beats

DbF/BEA 2 beats

CE/BbEbAb 2 beats

FC/ADG/ 2 beats

EbBb/GCF 2 beats

AbEb/GCG 2 beats then, Db Eb/ F Bb Eb

Jesus on the MainLine:

F/ACF Je--
F/ACF --sus
F/BbDF the
F/ACF Main
F/BbDF Line
F/CFA Tell
C/CFA What
/G You
F/ACF Want
A/ACEbF (filler)
Bb/BbDF Jesus
Bb/BbDF On
Bb/BbDF The
Bb/BbDF Main
Bb/BbDF Line
Bb/BbDF (Filler)
Bb/BbDF Tell Him
B/AbBDF What You
C/ACF Want
F/ACF Je----
F/ACF ---sus
F/BbDF The
F/ACF Main
F/BbDF Line
F/CFA Tell Him
E/C#EG What you
D/ADF Want
Bb/BbDF Oh
C/CFA Call him
D/DFA Up and
G/BDF Tell Him
C/CEG What You
F/ACF Want
F/BbDF (filler)
F/ACF (filler)
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