Walking In Memphis- Marc Cohen

American singer-songwriter Marc Cohn had a huge hit on his hands when he wrote "Walking In Memphis". Many have come along to play this song, but none as great as Mark Cohn. I love the original song on YouTube. He kind of reminds me of a Bruce Hornsby style.


Marc Cohn's 1991 debut harkens back to the more sophisticated rock and pop inflections of singer-songwriters. Marc Cohn's 1991 single "Walking in Memphis" made him an instant star:
Take a look at his Chart and Track listings because he wrote many other songs as well:


Mark Cohn's Walking in Memphis is one of the most instantly recognisable piano intros there is. And yet how simple it is! It's based on a very standard chord progression: IV - V - I - VI

In the key of C that translates to F - G - C - A minor. Try playing these triads as an arpeggio, missing out the middle note of each triad as follows:


Download your Free music copy of Walking In Memphis"


Here's a great tutorial slowed down so you can learn the intro and play this cool song!

And here is Marc playing live with his very own signature sound. Thanks so much Marc! I love this song!

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