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Awhile back, I wrote an Ezine Article called "Identify Music Phrases"

Composers usually do not show phrases in their music. Instead, they show how to play notes within phrases, using signs such as SLURS and STACCATOS. It is up to each player to decide how to phrase the music. Signs such as BREATH MARKS or BOWING can help do this.

A slur is a curved line connecting two or more notes, indicating that they are to be played legato. (smoothly)
They are also referred to as "phrase marks".

Practice playing a scale on the keyboard legato by playing the next note in the scale while releasing the previous one. You must be able to play consecutive notes smoothly in order to properly play notes grouped by a slur. Take a little quiz from Ms. Garrett that she offers on her site:

If you've never glanced at sheet music and have played the piano by ear for awhile, you can feel it in your playing where you want to effectively and effortlessly, play those notes in your song, one right after the other.(as smooth as glass) Here is a good visual of what these phrase marks look like.
A phrase is a section in music that express a complete idea. For example, in classical music, phrases are usually symmetrical in length. For music that is written today, a phrase can be any length. The purpose of a phrase mark is to define sections expressing complete ideas.

Another excellent resource describing the fundamentals of music notation can be found here:

If you have the time and would like to take a look at video instruction on Understanding Musical Phrases, here you go!

And if you're passionate for the Classics, here's a great video that gives you a sense of slur application in this piano style:

What I find refreshing in this young man Lypur is his words, mini rainbow and chained links in reference to slurs:

I hope you've enjoyed this little blog blurb on Phrases to help you along the way with your dynamics in playing music on the piano or keyboard. Best wishes to you!

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