Play Apologize by One Republic on Piano

I wasn't familiar with this song "Apologize" by One Republic until a piano student requested it. I did a Google search and I came up with this awesome video tutorial. What I especially like about the video is that the piano patterns are mapped out for you to play the song in both hands. It's a very nice piece and easy to play. Here's the vid, enjoy!

I can't get over how many young people are playing this song! His another video where he gives the fingering pattern:

This gentleman plays the same song on piano rather than keyboard, with much feeling expressed as an artist!

For those who read notes, take a peek inside for an easy arrangement of this song "Apologize"

A very nice piece and easy to play the progressions, whether you play by ear or need the notes!

For those who play by ear:

Am Fmaj13 C Em7/B Am Fmaj13 C Em7/B

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