George Winston- Sea

Being Greek, I am especially fond of the sea. I love ocean fishing and sailing. I am a big fan of George Winston. One particular song that comes to mind is The Sea. This song was particularly influenced by The Doors. (interesting, huh?!) The introduction is inspired by the late, great guitarist and composer John Fahey (1939-2001). Composed in 1973. Read more about George Winston

Here is a list of a few attributes that catalogues this song:
new age influences
classical music influences
solo piano performance
lyrical melodies
interesting harmonic progressions
interesting part writing
strong melodies
minor tonality
For more reading and sampling

This song has a luring effect that draws you into a serene rest and contemplative peace. Enjoy!

Sounds and looks like this song has lots of broken E minor chords. Sometimes it's easy to hear and recognize the key of a song, sometimes it's not. A great resource knowing that songs are moved of chords that you might want to view

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