George Shelby

Funny thing happened on the way to my blog, I stopped by a great piano site, that is free to join
and discovered a hot sax player named George Shelby. His documentary on making Saxophone’s at the Yamaha factory continues to be one of the most viewed around the world.
Have a look. I particularly liked his explanation of playing F, F# and G arpeggios outside the structure and resolving!

Well, I immediately devoured his Bio! He has studied with the best, produces a very soulful style, with many wonderful recording artists!

Then I inhaled his new CD Touch. Hear some samples:
I love Jazz and I'm especially lovin' "Touch", "I'll Do You Right" and "Besos". The keys are played by Stu Elster and here's a sample of his piano playing backing up the sexy vocalist!
All in all, it was an awesome morning discovering great Jazz sounds from George Shelby and his amazing Sax playing! His new cd is a must... enjoy! George Shelby's Touch CD

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