Clocks by Coldplay

I just got back from San Francisco, on a fairly new airline (Virgin) and saw the Premiere opening of a great new movie called Bottle Shock! I had a fabulous vacation and was awestruck with how quickly and easily my flight went! Well, I may have struck a familiar chord with some when I say that Clocks, a song done by the familiar group Coldplay, came to mind while arriving and departing. Some find their way around terminals difficult while others find the landing as smooth as butter!
The song Clocks may sound difficult to play, but when one sees the tutorial and the breakdown of chords, you will be a happy camper because it is fun and easy to play! Here's a free music riff to the intro of Clocks:"

You will be able to learn the song Clocks rather quickly and pick up your speed of playing the song fast paced. I believe you will be very pleased with yourself! Take a look at this great teaching lesson. Anyways, it is good to be back home!

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