Learn The Secrets To Playing The Drums by Ear

Hello Musician Friends,
I have a music dvd resource for you to help with licks, tricks and grooves for your Gospel and Blues drumming! The dvd is loaded with practice tips and music theory!

and Play Drums Series...
The Secrets To Playing The Drums by Ear That The Pros
Don't Want You To Know!

Dear Fellow Musician,

If you're interested in taking your drum playing to the next level,
adding another instrument under your belt, or thinking about picking up
those drumsticks for the very first time, I think I may have just found
something that's absolutely perfect for you. Just yesterday, I was
contacted by my friends over at Hear and Play Music who specialize in
teaching people
all over the world how to play all sorts of instruments by ear -
especially, the Drums!

Jermaine Griggs, the President of HearandPlay, actually just let me know
that his site has recently been updated with a brand-new drum
DVD series that'll have you playing like the pros

in no time flat! He even has one of the best in the industry teaching
it. I mean, this guy has played for literally everybody who's "somebody"
in the music industry today.

Saying that, you probably think this course would be difficult to figure
out right? It's exactly the opposite! This guy takes the infamous
HearandPlay approach to teaching, which means he's going to show you
step-by-step (...and over the shoulder) how to master tons of
licks, and
tricks that you
can put to use right away.

The site focuses on many of the
secrets he's going to reveal in this course that many drummers don't
want you to know (... you just might pass them up).

That's not all, this new site is LOADED with
a countless number of
techniques and
principles designed to dramatically enhance your understanding and
playing ability on the drums. Not only that, the site even has TONS
of F-R-E-E audio and video clips for you to explore.

With this new and innovative course, you'll be able to...

  • Learn the major DOs and
    DONTs when picking the right kind, brand, and size of
    drum equip to perfectly match your specific style

  • Learn TONS of
    practice techniques that'll
    make you an expert drummer in only half the time.

  • Explore the ins and
    outs of ALL your basic rudiments

  • Learn loads of specialized
    drumming techniques like the single strokeroll,
    paradiddles, flams, and flam-taps all using a quick and
    easy process

  • Learn the secrets to
    accenting the right notes to gain a more professional

  • Understand the
    musical theory behind the meaning of quarter notes, 8th notes,
    16th notes etc.)

  • Create LOADS of different
    endings to make the same groove sound

    amazingly different

  • Incorporate both left-hand and
    right-hand flam combinations

  • Make em' go wild with
    various crossovers that it used to take musicians years
    to learn!

  • Apply rudiments and transform
    them into funky grooves
    all at the same time

  • Learn tons of ways to accent the
    hi-hat and time them all perfectly
...and so much MORE!

See here to get started TODAY

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