Don't Stop- Story

This is the story of the well-known pianist Ignace Jan Paderewski. Paderewski played a concert in New York one time, where the concert had been sold out 6-months prior to his playing. On the night of the concert everyone came all dressed up (tuxes and fancy dresses). A mother brought her 9-year-old son because she wanted to get him excited about the idea of playing the piano. She believed that if he heard Paderewski play, he would want to do well in his piano lessons, instead of always complaining. She wanted him to see what he could become. As the story goes, right before the concert was to start, the boy wandered away from his mother. The next thing she knew she saw her son sitting at the Steinway piano on the stage. Then, even more to her surprise, he started to play chopsticks on the piano. The people in the audience were furious, and yelled out: “Get that kid off the stage.” “This is an outrage.” “What is this boy doing here?” The startled ushers began to move toward the stage to remove the boy, but then Paderewski himself appeared on the stage. (The boy was oblivious to all that was happening, enjoying his opportunity to play what little he knew). As Paderewski came up behind the boy, he whispered in his ear: “Don’t stop. Keep on playing. You’re doing great.” While the boy continued to play, the great pianist put his arms around the boy and began playing a concerto based on the tune of “Chopsticks.” While the two played, Paderewski kept saying to the boy: “Don’t stop. Keep on playing.”

There will be many times in life where what we do might not be seen to be extraordinary. There will be times in life when we will get frustrated with God. There will be times in life when we might seem to lose faith. There will be times when others are coming down on us, and we get discouraged. In those times, we need to have faith like a child, because God will come up behind us, and whisper to us, “Don’t stop. Keep playing. You’re doing great.”

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