UrbanPro 625

"Play Better Than You've Ever Played Before In
Half The Time
With These
, Contemporary Worship Chords!"

***Crucial Piano

the first time ever, piano expert, Jonathan
Powell sits down in the studio and records
everything he knows about playing
contemporary, urban-styled gospel music by

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Once again, you can expect not only to hear
super phat chords and full-sounding
progressions in this
2-hour audio course
but he really takes his time and breaks
everything down... STEP-BY-STEP and in an
instructional format!

The Hear and Play Music

philosophy is to "teach
," first
and foremost before anything else. They can't stand those courses that are just "CONCERTS"
and a way for musicians to show off. While
they are surely inspirational, they often
times lack substance.

Not here!

With that said... you get the best of all
worlds. The "how," the "when," and the

this revolutionary course you'll...

  • Learns the
    secret about major scales

    that most top musicians use
    in their urban gospel
    playing but never want to
    talk about.

  • Understand
    the underlying similarities
    and differences

    between the 3 most popular
    types of seventh chords used
    in urban playing and how to
    place them in a way you'd
    never imagine!

  • "Individualize" your style
    and set yourself apart

    from the pack by utilizing
    tons of extended chords and
    two-hand voicings that are
    only known by a few (he's
    risking his reputation by
    giving away these secrets).

  • Learn the
    secrets to building fancy
    minor seventh chords

    for use in contemporary
    worship settings (....this
    is extremely important and
    will have you sounding
    several times better the
    minute you implement them).

  • Find out the
    secrets to the "7th tone"

    and when to lower it.
    Between the 3rd and 7th
    tones of your chords lie
    many secrets that allow you
    to instantly manipulate
    almost any chord to produce
    the sound you want!

  • ...And so much more!

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