What's Your Favorite Christmas Song?

Christmas is my favorite time of year because as Christians we celebrate our Lord's birth! I find it is also a time when hearts are softened and opened to receive Christmas music. Do you have a favorite song? Christmas Keys is a Dvd that helped me to play songs by ear. I found it easy to learn I IV V chord progressions and pull out a familiar melody w/ my r.h. After owning this Dvd and watching it over and over, I learned to play some of my favorites w/out sheet music. Not only is it rewarding, but you get personal satisfaction in reaching some of your goals! Christmas Keys is a great confidence booster to playing by ear! You feel you're on your way!
Learn to Play All your Favorite Christmas Songs by this Holiday Season!

"At Last!
A Way To Sit Down At The Piano
And Easily Play All
Your Favorite Christmas Classics
In Less Than 3 hours
Without Sheet Music!"

Dear Fellow Musician,

The Christmas season, my favorite season of the entire year,is ALMOST here --- and courtesy of Jermaine and HearandPlay.com, I have a PERFECT gift idea that YOU or one of your relatives would LOVE to see under the tree (...or better yet, on top of their piano)!

Jermaine just let me know about his brand new 3 H-O-U-R Christmas course, Christmas Keys Vol.1 - "Conquering Christmas Classics", which has just been released

After he takes you through his UNIQUE song learning process you'll not ONLY know how to conquer those songs but tons of other Christmas songs since most songs follow familiar patterns.

Christmas Keys Volume 1 is LOADED with tons of powerful tips, easy-to-do tricks, and techniques that will have you playing like an expert by this Christmas season - GUARANTEED!

In this course, you'll * Learn how to play every song, step-by-step, with no guessing (whatsoever) or any information left out! By the end of this course, you'll have what

it takes to fully play all of these Christmas songs by ear.

* Learn several variations of each song so you can play these Christmas classics a different way every time!

* Beginners: How to play an entire song with only three-fingered major chords (...also known as "major triads").

* Discover the power of "inversions" and how changing one note in your chord can totally alter the way a progression sounds!

* How to add fuel to your bass by understanding how "power" chords work in holiday music.

* How to play "Go Tell It On The Mountain" in a churchy praise style! I'm talking about bass lines, runs, fill-ins, and more (...similar to our other GospelKeys courses)!

* And tons more!

Click here<>
if you're ready to finally learn your favorite Christmas songs by ear:

Please note: Due to the high demand and moderate supply, this incredible offer for Christmas Keys will only be around for a short time. So...

...Don't waste time!
Order TODAY!

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All the best,LadyD

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